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Miss New Mexico and Miss New Mexico's Outstanding Teen State Contestants 2017 Program Book Ad Sales Criteria

Each year businesses, advertisers, families and volunteers promote their businesses, showcase their contestants, and wish their contestants Good Luck by purchasing advertising pages in the Miss New Mexico Program Book. This book is sold all year long and is a popular coffee table conversation piece that is viewed throughout the year.

Each contestant both Teen and Miss should sell at least 4 full pages of advertisements in the program book. Contestants are required to sell full pages this will insure that there are no blank or empty spaces in your section of the program book. A full page can be one full page ad, two half page ads, two quarter page ads and a half page ad or four quarter page ads. (see the attached examples). The more pages you sell means more exposure for you in the State Program Book. Please take this opportunity to showcase yourself. The income generated from ad sales goes to provide for your scholarships, room and board, meals, promote the organization, and helps our two state titleholders prepare and compete on the next level.

What are ad pages and what is their purpose?

Ad pages are your opportunity to showcase yourself in an up-close and personal way. On-stage and in competition you will display your skills, talent, intelligence and beauty. Off-stage you can do the same. This is an opportunity for you to standout in your very own section of the program book. It also allows you to showcase your abilities to raise awareness about your platform.

Why should I sell Ad Pages?

The Teen and Miss with the most total pages sold will each receive a $500 scholarship. Only ads that are paid in full will be eligible to be counted towards your total Ad's sold. Family, friends, sponsors, donors, VIP guests, fans and judges love to look through the program book at the pages that you submitted. This book becomes a collector's item and many pageant enthusiasts showcase their copies going back many years.

What Photos should I use?

Select photos that show you at your BEST! Never use selfies or low resolution pictures. Make sure the pictures put you in a good, wholesome and positive light. No duck lips or questionable posing. We are looking for the All-American Girl/Girl Next Door look for our program book. Pictures should showcase your personality, platform, education, any extracurricular events you participate in, talent, and beauty. Take advantage of the opportunity to let people see who you are in many different ways as they flip through each page. Whether it's a business ad, personal photograph, or good luck page these pages are also a wonderful way for hometown business, friends, family and relatives to show their support for you and your quest to win the state title. The Miss New Mexico Scholarship Organization reserves the right to refuse to include photos they feel are not appropriate.

How do I sell these ads?

Ask everyone. You are already out in your community volunteering, promoting your platform, and sharing your journey. Explain what your fund raising goal is and ask for their support by purchasing a full page, half page, or quarter page ad. Remember, several people can go together and buy a page. When talking to businesses let them know that you will promote them in return for their support. When talking to friends and individuals let them know they will be supporting you and allowing you to showcase yourself as you compete for the state title.

Who should I contact?

Anyone and everyone! Family, business owners, chamber of commerce members, employers, friends, your college, sororities, or other community leaders.

Quality and content of ads:

Please obtain a qualified graphic designer to design your ads for you. Professionally designed ads get more views in the program book.

All ad pages must be approved by the State Executive Director for content and clarity. Any ad that needs corrections or adjustments made will be returned to the contestant to be corrected.

Please submit your camera ready ad through the link provided on Form #2. Each ad sold will require its own individual form and should be submitted online.

Form to be used for each ad sold:

Use Form #2 for each ad sold it is very important that each ad sold is accompanied by Form #2. This will help insure that the Ad gets placed in the program book.

Teen Form #2-2017 Ad Sales Form:

Miss Form #2-2017 Ad Sales Form:

Program Book Technical Specifications:

All submitted electronic files need to meet the following technical requirements:

Final page size: 8 ½" x 11"

1/8" bleed (meaning any artwork that goes to the edge of the page must continue at least 1/8" past the edge of the page)

All artwork for B/W ads should be in grayscale, 300 dpi. Any artwork in Color must be converted to grayscale

Please provide a printout of the ad to ensure proper output

Files may be on CD-R, DVD-R, or flash drive or submitted online.

Acceptable file formats:
PDF or EPS – Please save as high resolution and press-ready. Photos and graphics must be at least 300 dpi and all fonts must be embedded

JPEG or TIFF – Must be actual size and at least 300 dpi in grayscale. We recommend saving JPEGS as high quality.

Need help designing your ad?

It is recommended that you have a graphic designer design your ads under your supervision and submit them using the form provided. If you need us to design your ad page, then please specify this on the Ad Page Sales Form and submit the required $50.00 per page fee to design each ad page.

Ad page prices:

Full Page - $400.00
Half Page - $250.00
Quarter Page - $150.00
Design Fee - $50.00 per page

Payment for ads sold:

Each contestant will be responsible for collecting and submitting forms & payments for ads sold to the Miss New Mexico Organization, PO Box 193, Portales, NM 88130. The form provides the use of a credit card at point of sale. We will gladly accept checks made out to: Miss New Mexico Scholarship Organization. Local organizations can also collect all monies and send a certified check for the total amount of ads sold for their contestants. When paying/submitting by check include a copy of the ad sales form for each ad page being paid by that check. Please mail in a large envelope so form is not creased.

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